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What's all this about?

In 2017 I was involved in a car crash resulting in the loss of my leg function. The doctors didn't expect me to be able to walk again and still don't expect me to fully recover. 

Less than a week after major surgery to stabilise my fractured spine I started a facebook blog detailing my experiences - good, bad and ugly. I remain overwhelmed to this day by the response it received and I am thankful for everyone who has followed along so far.

Obviously, part of the project was about fundraising for my rehab needs but it didn't start that way and has become so much more than that; or at least I hope it has.

Firstly, it was just a way of updating the people I love and who love me of what was going on. Then when I started writing and I found it really therapeutic. Sharing what I was thinking and feeling didn't just help me cope with everything but it was helping those closest to me deal with it all too.


As the blog continued people with their own life changing experiences got in touch; some to cheer me on, some with advice and a few (who were in similar positions to me) who thanked me for helping them communicate their feelings to their loved ones. 

The generosity of my community was an incredible boost to my morale and truly humbling. 

The window given for 'maximum potential healing' was 2 years but I continue to make progress and truly believe you get out what you put in!

The most important thing to me is that this project remains at its core about positivity and community.  


I knew hard days were ahead. I have had many; I'm sure I'll have more but I have made it this far. It turns out that even if I couldn't stay positive all the time my tribe would. You did. And you got me through. 

It didn't take a village; it took a...

T R I B E.

Love Always                   


                               x x  x                        

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